Improving FCC Economics through Computational Particle Fluid Dynamics Simulation

Many FCC units can be operated more profitably, but changes in pursuit of more efficient operation can be risky. Challenges in addressing the root cause of under-performance and fear of unforeseen impacts often result in a strong preference for the status quo. There is a better way. This paper presents simulation as a means to "look inside" the FCCU, allowing the diagnosis of the root cause of issues, testing the effect of proposed modifications prior to implementation, and minimizing the concern of the negative impacts of change, thus enabling the pursuit of improved profitability with confidence.

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The Experience of a Team of Experts to Resolve Severe FCC Regenerator Maldistribution

A prominent refinery located in the eastern half of North America recently formed a team of FCC experts with the goal of identifying the root cause and delivering a solution to an exceptionally challenging case of maldistribution within their FCC regenerator. The result was a measurable reduction in the maldistribution resulting in a more stable operation with lower NOx, CO and particulate emissions. This approach may be an excellent model for other refineries facing similar issues within their FCC units.

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