Our Customers

Our Customers Offer Proof

We work with a wide variety of industries around the world that utilize a range of reactor types and sizes, from ‘cat crackers’ to chemical reactors to coal and biomass power plants. The one thing they share:  A customized Barracuda® solution.

“After years of using CFD packages and trying to force fit gas-solid flow, I have found Barracuda to be a breath of fresh air. CPFD’s approach to gas-solid systems allows you to produce results in a much shorter time period.”

Dr. Sue Gelderbloom, P.E., Dow Corning Corp.

“The fact that Barracuda uses the entire particle size distribution and not just one (or two) representative particles sizes sets it apart from other commercial CFD tools. In addition, you don’t have to quit your day job to use this code.”

– Dr. Ray Cocco, President, Particulate Solid Research Inc.

“The primary requirements in applying these models is rapid time-to-solution without sacrificing fidelity I have been using CPFD Barracuda for over three years for circulating fluidized bed applications, coal gasification and hydrogasification for reactor design and  and optimization to scale-up.”

– Dr. Chris Guenther, Multi-phase Flow, US DOE, National Energy Technology Laboratory

"Barracuda is a robust solution for modeling multiphase particle/gas flows, allowing densities up to the particle packing limit, and greater flexibility to include multiple particle materials, size distributions, and chemical reactions. The software is practical for large industrial applications with complex geometry and boundary conditions."

– Dr. Rick Wessel, Team Leader/Computational Analysis, Power Generation Group, Babcock & Wilcox