Engineering Benefits

  • Barracuda Virtual Reactor is a engineering software package developed exclusively for one single application: gas-particle fluidization reactors and their internal components
  • VR is based upon our proprietary numerical method which is unique in its ability to model gas flows with any loading of discrete particulate solids of any size distribution
  • VR has been validated extensively against large-scale experimental data from PSRI and others worldwide R&D organizations
  • VR has been validated with industrial operating reactors across diverse industries: oil refining; chemicals production; coal combustion; gasification and many other FBRs
  • VR has its solids chemistry coupled to the flow field to accurately compute your ‘products’
  • VR users are provide with in-depth training, and then given direct technical support by experienced CPFD engineers
  • VR is being continually enhanced with new features and state-of-the art computing power
  • VR can make you highly successful by offering tremendous gains in engineering insights and optimization of your company’s fluidization reactors