Business Benefits

  • Barracuda Virtual Reactor replaces with advanced physics-based computer simulations the typical trial and error exploratory procedures of ‘just going ahead’ with expensive hardware modifications or changes in reactor operations
  • VR provides you with high confidence and is an ‘insurance policy’ that proposed hardware or process changes will actually perform as expected; and it even reveals the ‘why’ these will fail or work
  • VR when employed in concert with your engineering staff will help to ensure your fluidization unit receives the maximum financial benefits from
    • Reliability improvements, component lifetime extension with reduced erosion
    • Hardware upgrades work together and as expected
    • Product ‘yields’ are maximized
    • Changes to feedstocks, catalysts and operating ranges have no surprises
    • Reactor scale-ups or turn-downs perform as promised
    • Minimize emissions and reduce need for costly ‘scrubbing’ hardware