RLMCloud License Installation Instructions

This page contains instructions for installing an RLMCloud license.  Once you have received an RLMCloud license via email from CPFD, perform the following steps on each computer that will be running Virtual Reactor:

  1. Download and save the RLMCloud license file attached to the email you received from CPFD.  Save the file in a location where it will be secure and not accidentally deleted.
  2. Point Virtual Reactor to the RLMCloud server.  The first time the Virtual Reactor GUI is opened, it should bring up a "no license servers are specified" dialog like this:

    ​Point Virtual Reactor to the RLMCloud server by following these steps:
    1. In the "Servers" tab, click "Add".

    2. Give the new line a "Name" such as RLMCloud, and then click "Browse files" and select the license file you just saved to your computer.

    3. Click "Connect" or "OK" and the Virtual Reactor GUI should open and be ready to use.  Assuming no errors are shown, Virtual Reactor is now ready to use.  Check the "Log" tab for debugging information if necessary.

If you need more information, please log into the CPFD Support Site and refer to the Installation chapter of the User Manual for full details.  If you do not already have a support site account, please register for one here.