Barracuda Virtual Reactor® Brochures

Barracuda Virtual Reactor Overview Brochure

Barracuda Virtual Reactor Overview

Software for design, scale-up, optimization and problem solving of fluidized reactor systems.  Simulate complex particle physics and discrete particle chemistry for systems such as:

  • FCC reactors and regenerators
  • Chemical reactors including polyolefins, acrylonitrile, and methylchlorosilane
  • Gasifiers: coal and biomass
  • Riser reactors
  • Circulating fluidized beds CFBs
  • Chemical looping combustion
  • Carbon capture sorbent systems
  • Flue and product gas cleanup systems
  • Ore roasters and oxidizers
  • Cement calciners

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Barracuda Virtual Reactor: Erosion Damage Brochure

Erosion Damage

Software to predict and minimize particle erosion damage on impact prone equipment such as:

  • Cyclones and diplegs 
  • Heat transfer surfaces
  • Conveyance and transfer lines
  • Reactor and regenerator walls
  • Flue gas lines and components
  • Spargers and distributors
  • Slide valves
  • Structural supports and bracings
  • Standpipes and dense-phase conveyance systems

Brochure includes erosion reduction case studies including a CFB combustor and a FCC reactor cyclones.

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Barracuda Virtual Reactor: Gasifiers Brochure


Engineering software for industrial gasifiers.  Model multiple types of gasifiers and feeds:

  • Fluidized bed
  • Transport
  • Entrained-flow
  • Coal
  • Biomass
  • Multi-Fuel

Model and optimize gasifier design and operation, reduce the risk of problems and increase reliability.

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Barracuda Virtual Reactor: Clean Coal Brochure

Clean Coal

Engineering software for clean coal technology.  Improve the operation of your CFB combustor:

  • Fuel-specific inputs (composition, volatiles and moisture release)
  • Coal only or co-firing with bio-materials
  • Fuel and air mixing and residence time distributions
  • Thermal profiles
  • Influences of secondary air jets
  • Wear on internals, walls, cyclones and other components

Clean Coal R&D and Pilot Plants:

  • Chemical Looping Combustor (CLC)
  • Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Units
  • Sulfur removal from flue gas
  • Entire CFB loop in a single model enables system design optimization

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