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WEBINAR: Identifying the Root Cause of Afterburn in FCC Regenerators

July 22, 2016

Full-scale, physics-based simulation of FCCU processes, including reactors, regenerators and components, is now able to provide valuable new information for use in diagnosis of the root cause of operating problems and development of effective engineering solutions. 

In the second webinar in its FCCU simulation series, CPFD Software will provide an overview of both stable and unstable forms of afterburn, and show how Barracuda Virtual Reactor® is used to troubleshoot afterburn issues in FCC regenerators. A case study will be presented detailing how Barracuda VR® was used to determine the root cause of afterburn in a regenerator and to examine the effect of a proposed solution in advance of a scheduled turnaround. The webinar will highlight how Virtual Reactor™ simulation is used by FCCU operators and technologists in support of process engineering and design decisions during a turnaround. 

If you are planning an FCCU turnaround, please join us to learn how you can benefit from the unique insights provided by Barracuda VR.

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To learn more about Barracuda VR FCC applications, visit our FCC Resources page.