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Fluidization Seminar and Workshop - Houston, January 2020

December 19, 2019

CPFD Software is pleased to support the upcoming PSRI Fluidization Seminar and Workshop January 7th -10th, 2020 in Houston, TX. The purpose of the PSRI Fluidization Seminar is to supply instruction on the theory, design and operation of fluidized beds and solids transfer systems for engineers new to the field, or those who want to improve their understanding. The four-day course covers the basics of fluidized beds and solids transfer, and then discusses how best to design and operate the most critical elements of fluidized beds and solids transfer such as cyclones, standpipes, gas distributors and pneumatic conveying lines.

Dr. Peter Loezos, Vice President of CPFD Software, a PSRI Strategic Partner, will host a session on Friday, January 10 providing an overview of the simulation of fluidized beds and particle conveyance systems using Barracuda Virtual Reactor. 

For more information about PSRI, the seminar, or to register, please visit PSRI's training page.