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CPFD Featured in April 2019 Issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering

June 5, 2019

Peter Blaser and Rajat Barua, CPFD Software, discuss the role of simulation in the digital transformation of modern refineries in an article featured in the April 2019 issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering.

Refineries and other downstream industries are rapidly adopting digital technologies and strategies. This article describes the evolution from digitalisation to digital transformation utilizing CFD simulations to illustrate this concept. The process of digital transformation is demonstrated through a case study of a project undertaken by a North American refinery. The article describes the sequence by which the refinery first used digital technology within existing workflow for analysis and then how the result obtained and subsequent impact were transformative. Click here to download the full article

Please visit our FCC Resources page for additional information on CPFD's involvment with Refining applications.