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Using Barracuda Virtual Reactor® Simulation to Improve FCCU Process Performance

About This Webinar

Presented by Peter Blaser
VP Engineering Services, CPFD Software, LLC

Hosted by Travis Carver
Sales & Marketing Manager, CPFD Software, LLC

In this webinar, CPFD Software outlines key processes simulated by Barracuda Virtual Reactor, enabling operators to get a virtual “look inside” their FCCU. The webinar discusses examples of how Barracuda VR® is used to troubleshoot issues such as afterburn, emissions and erosion in regenerators, erosion and performance in riser termination devices, and feed distribution, back-mixing, and selectivity in risers. The seminar looks at how Virtual Reactor™ simulation is used by FCCU operators in support of process engineering and design decisions.

To learn more about Barracuda VR FCC applications, visit our FCC Resources page.