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How Regenerator Maldistribution Affects Emissions, Afterburn and Catalyst Losses

About This Webinar

Presented by Ray Fletcher
FCC Senior Technologist, CPFD Software, LLC

Hosted by Travis Carver
Sales & Marketing Manager, CPFD Software, LLC

Full-scale, physics-based simulation of FCCU processes, including reactors, regenerators and components, is now able to provide valuable new information for use in diagnosis of the root cause of operating problems and development of effective engineering solutions. 

In CPFD Software's third webinar of its FCC series, Ray Fletcher, FCC Senior Technologist with CPFD Software, LLC, discusses a case study set forth in CAT-16-17: The Experience of a Team of Experts to Resolve Severe Regenerator Maldistribution, which was presented at the AFPM 2016 Cat Cracker Seminar. In this case study, a North American Refiner observed immediate improvements in NOx, CO, and particulate emissions after implementing proposed changes. During the webinar, Ray Fletcher demonstrates how Barracuda VR® was used to analyze potential issues and various solutions, assisting a team of experts in testing and proposing a highly non-intuitive and successful solution to an exceptionally challenging case of maldistribution within an FCC regenerator.

To learn more about Barracuda VR FCC applications, visit our FCC Resources page.