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Barracuda Virtual Reactor® Simulations of PSRI Cold-Flow FCC Stripper Experiment

About This Webinar

December 14, 2017

Presented by:

Sam Clark
Senior Project Engineer, CPFD Software, LLC

Hosted by:

Paul Gomez
Customer Sales and Support Manager, CPFD Software, LLC

Numerical simulations of a PSRI cold-flow FCC stripper experiment with subway grating baffles were performed using Virtual Reactor™. Simulation results were compared with experimental measurements found in PSRI's Research Report No. 88 (Issangya et al, 2014) of apparent bed density over a wide range of solids flux conditions, at superficial gas velocities typical of industrial FCC stripper operation. 

The Virtual Reactor™ simulation results were in good agreement with the experimental bed density measurements, and matched the experimentally observed trends of bed density variation as a function of gas superficial velocity and catalyst mass flux through the stripper vessel.