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Case Study: Successful Optimisation of a Secondary-Fuel-Fired Calciner

About This Webinar

August 16, 2018

Presented by:

Matthias Schumacher
Senior Consultant, aixprocess GmbH
Martin Weng
Managing Director, aixprocess GmbH

Hosted by:

Paul Gomez
Customer Sales and Support Manager, CPFD, LLC

Matthias Schumacher and Martin Weng, from aixprocess GmbH, share their talk originally presented at the February, 2018 Global Cemfuels Conference in Berlin, Germany.

A case study is presented highlighting the successful optimization of a secondary-fuel-fired cement calciner. Recently, a European plant experienced operational issues including frequent “pumping” of the calciner, material fall-out into TAD-knee (meal & fuel), coatings and blockages in bottom stage cyclones, and CO-limit exceptions. Safe combustion of up to 100% secondary fuel also needed to be addressed, all while preserving stable operation.

Learn how the use of Barracuda Virtual Reactor software reduced time, lowered cost-to-solution, and resulted in the elimination of all problematic operational issues as proven by more than a year of excellent operational experience.