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2017 ERTC Presentation Resolving Severe Regenerator Maldistribution

About This Webinar

February 15, 2018

Presented by:

Peter Blaser
Vice President of Engineering Services, CPFD, LLC

Hosted by:

Paul Gomez
Customer Sales and Support Manager, CPFD, LLC

Peter Blaser, CPFD Software’s Vice President of Engineering Services, will share his talk as presented at the November, 2017, European Refining Technology Conference (ERTC) in Athens, Greece.

This webinar will present a case study for an FCC regenerator experiencing severe maldistribution resulting in high afterburn, intermittent catalyst losses and excessive CO and NOx emissions. A team was assembled to evaluate operational and simulation data to evaluate potential regenerator modifications prior to unit shutdown. The decision process and final solution is presented, which resulted in significant emissions reductions and elimination of the intermittent catalyst loss phenomenon. Guidelines are offered to other refiners facing similar issues. The source material for this session was originally presented at the American Fuels and Petrochemical Manufacturer’s 2016 Cat Cracker Seminar.