Numerical Simulations of PSRI Cold-Flow FCC Stripper Experiment with Subway Grating Baffles

Numerical simulations were performed of a PSRI cold-flow FCC stripper experiment with subway grating baffles. Barracuda Virtual Reactor®, which implements the multi-phase particle-in-cell (MP-PIC) numerical method, was used to perform the simulations. Simulation results were compared with experimental measurements of apparent bed density over a wide range of solids flux conditions, at superficial gas velocities typical of industrial FCC stripper operation. The simulation results were in good agreement with the experimental bed density measurements, and matched the experimentally observed trends of bed density variation as a function of gas superficial velocity and catalyst mass flux through the stripper vessel. 

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A Baseline Drag Force Correlation for CFD Simulations of Gas-Solid Systems

This presentation highlights ongoing, in-house research at CPFD Software to develop and improve drag force correlations used to model the fluidization of industrial-scale particle systems.

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