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WEBINAR: Case Study: Successful Optimisation of a Secondary-Fuel-Fired Calciner

August 3, 2018
Presented by Matthias Schumacher, Senior Consultant, and
Martin Weng, Managing Director 
aixprocess GmbH


Join us for a CPFD Software webinar where Matthias Schumacher and Martin Weng, aixprocess GmbH, share their talk originally presented at the February, 2018 Global Cemfuels Conference in Berlin, Germany. 

A case study is presented highlighting the successful optimization of a secondary-fuel-fired cement calciner. Recently, a European plant experienced operational issues including frequent “pumping” of the calciner, material fall-out into TAD-knee (meal & fuel), coatings and blockages in bottom stage cyclones, and CO-limit exceptions. Safe combustion of up to 100% secondary fuel also needed to be addressed, all while preserving stable operation.

Learn about how the use of Barracuda Virtual Reactor software reduced time, lowered cost-to-solution, and resulted in the elimination of all problematic operational issues as proven by more than a year of excellent operational experience.


To play back this webinar, please click here.

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