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CPFD Speaking at NVIDIA GTC 2021

March 3, 2021

CPFD will be speaking at NVIDIA GTC 2021, April 12-16, 2021.  GTC 2021 covers the most transformative technologies of our time.  Packed with breakthroughs in AI, data center, graphics, accelerated computing, intelligent networking, and more. GTC 2021 is online and free to attend. 

Andrew Larson (Lead Software Engineer, GPU Specialist) and Peter Blaser (Vice President of Operations) will present talk S32115 entitled “Waste-to-fuels Technology Enabled by GPU and Multi-GPU 

Presentation Description

Barracuda Virtual Reactor, powered by NVIDIA GPUs, enables sustainability technologies that are changing our planet for the better. This two-part industry case study provides an overview of a novel waste-to-fuels technology that is sustainable, versatile and economically competitive with fossil fuels. In the first part of the presentation we provide a summary of ThermoChem Recovery International, USA’s digitalization journey with CPFD Software’s Virtual Reactor culminating in the commercial conversion of municipal solid waste to jet fuel. In the second half, we overlay our parallel development and acceleration path resulting in speed-ups of over 600x over the project period. Ongoing R&D results including multi-GPU computing are presented. Lastly, the practical meaning of the speed-ups are discussed; previously intractable problems are now solved in industrially-relevant time scales. Extensions of the new multi-GPU technology to other sustainability applications are highlighted.

About the presenters

Andrew Larson.  Andrew is Lead Software Engineer at CPFD with 10+ years’ experience accelerating computational fluid dynamics, multi-phase physics and chemistry via GPUs. Andrew holds a Master’s of Science in Applied and Computational Mathematics and a Master’s of Science in Computer Science, both from University of Minnesota Duluth.

Peter Blaser.  Peter is VP Operations at CPFD with 20+ years’ experience developing and applying specialized computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technologies.  Peter is passionate about removing the guesswork surrounding the design and operations of fluid-particle processes through intelligent use of digitalization technology.  Peter holds a Master's of Applied Science degree from the University of Toronto.