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CPFD Software Supports Fluidization XV

April 13, 2016

CPFD software is pleased to support the Fluidization XV conference, May 22-27, 2016 at the beautiful Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello, Quebec, Canada.  In addition to conference sponsorship, CPFD Software staff are co-authors on multiple papers including:

  • Experimental validation of CFD hydrodynamic models for catalytic fast pyrolysis (CFP), presented by Bruce Adkins, KiOR
  • Dynamic behavior of fluidized bed reactors for gas phase LLDPE polymerization, presented by Mpho Setlhaku, SABIC T&I

If attending Fluidization XV, be sure to seek out CPFD Software engineers for in-person discussions or contact us in advance to schedule a meeting time.  More information about Fluidization XV can be found here.

About Fluidization XV

Fluidization technology is applied to diverse fields including catalysis, drying, heat transfer, spray drying, filtration, combustion and other non-catalytic reactions, pneumatic conveying, and classification to name a few. This conference series has contributed to these breakthrough technologies particularly in promoting fundamental studies and developing a sound theoretical framework within which we discover and adapt novel applications.

The XV Fluidization Conference welcomes delegates from academia, industry and government who share the vocation to meet societal needs, reduce the environmental footprint of our processes, while at the same time forging new business models to meet the needs of the growing global population. To meet these challenges, we bring together experts in fields beyond fluidization and powder technology and include theoreticians in computational fluid dynamics (a transverse application), nano-processing and materials, catalysis, and biopharmaceuticals.

Our goal is to identify synergies that will inspire creativity and encourage young researchers to pursue careers in the field. In particular, sessions on Encapsulation, Biomaterials and Fibers, and Composites are devoted to manufacturing or functionalizing materials.

Delegates from leading industrial multi-national corporations and top institutes will give plenary lectures outlining their views on industrial trends and challenges facing humanity.