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CPFD Software supports 5th Annual Joint TRC-JCCP/Idemitsu Workshop

February 20, 2015

5th Annual Joint TRC - JCCP Idemitsu Workshop

CPFD Software participated in the 5th annual joint TRC-JCCP/Idemitsu Workshop on "The Role of Collaboration in Enhancing Refining Industry R&D" at the TAKREER Research Centre in Abu Dhabi last week. The goal of the conference was to foster dialogue on recent challenges and technologies in the refining industry. 

Peter Blaser, Vice President of Engineering, presented work coauthored with Dr. James Parker entitled, "Validation and utilization of CFD for reducing CO emissions from an FCC Regenerator." He presented the case of a North American refinery that was seeking improvement to a full-burn FCC regenerator that had been experiencing high levels of carbon monoxide (CO) in the flue gas despite the presence of significant excess oxygen. The regenerator also experienced excessive refractory erosion in the upper freeboard near the cyclone inlets. A computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation was performed to calculate the three-dimensional, transient, coupled gas-particle hydrodynamic and thermal behavior of the regenerator simultaneously with heterogeneous coke-combustion and homogeneous gas-phase chemical kinetics. The model enabled informed discussions between the refinery and a technology supplier by identifying the root cause of the high CO emissions to be related to the spent catalyst distributor. The model was then used to verify that the suggested hardware changes would address the refinery's concerns without adversely affecting other aspects of regenerator reliability or performance. 

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