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CPFD Software Sponsors Four Students at AIChE Annual Meeting

October 26, 2018

CPFD Software has awarded four students a travel grant award supporting their attendance to the 2018 AIChE Annual Meeting and to the Particle Technology Forum (PTF) Awards Dinner. This year's recipients are Clara Hartmanshenn, Kuriakose Kunnath, Farnaz Esmaeili Rad, and Guanhe Rim. We are looking forward to each of the recipient's presentations at this year's event.

Learn more about CPFD Software's activities at AIChE here


Clara Hartmanshenn is a fourth year PhD student in Chemical & Biochemical Engineering working under the guidance of Prof. Benjamin Glasser at Rutgers University. Prior to joining Rutgers, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from McGill University. Clara’s research consists of studying heat transfer through particles in an agitated mixer for pharmaceutical drying applications.

Clara will be presenting Particle Dynamic Simulations of Heat Transfer in a Bladed Mixer: Effect of Material and Process Parameters Monday, October 29 from 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center - 414.




Kuriakose Kunnath is a PhD candidate at the New Jersey Institute of Technology where he conducts research related to prediction of pharmaceutical powder behavior. His thesis deals with the prediction of bulk scale powder behavior, such as packing and flow, using particle scale properties such as particle size, particle density, surface energy and surface roughness.

Kuriakose will be presenting Comparing High Drug Loaded Blend and Tablet Property Improvement Via Various Nano-Silica Dry Coating and Excipient Selection Monday, October 29 from 1:10 PM to 1:30 PM in the Westin Convention Center - Cambria.




Farnaz Esmaeili Rad is working on her Ph.D. research project at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chemical Engineering with a focus on mathematical modeling and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation of carbon capture. Farnaz’s research in the area of carbon capture is based on a novel regenerative process for CO2 removal from Syngas using a Circulating Fluidized Bed loop system. The circulating fluidized bed concept ensures continuous CO2 removal processes based on the dry sorbent concepts.

Farnaz will be presenting Two Dimensional Simulation of Carbon Capture Using Amine-Based Solid Sorbents Thursday, November 1 from 1:07 PM to 1:25 PM in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center - 415. 



Guanhe Rim is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering at Columbia University in New York City. His current Ph.D. research focuses on the development of novel carbon capture, utilization, and storage technologies addressing the concern of climate change. In particular, he is investigating transport behaviors coupled with reaction kinetics in particulate systems such as CO2-water-minerals for carbon utilization and CO2-MOFs (Metal-organic framework)-bearing polymer beads and encapsulated MOFs for CO2 capture.

Guanhe will be presenting CO2 Capture and Transport Behaviors of Porous Polymer Beads Containing Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) Thursday, November 1, 2018 from 12:30 PM to 12:49 PM.