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CPFD Software Releases Barracuda v14

September 25, 2009

CPFD Software Releases Barracuda v14 for Simulation of Fluidized Beds with Full Thermodynamics and Chemical Kinetics

Albuquerque, NM – September 25, 2009 - CPFD Software LLC, the creators of the Barracuda® simulation package for particle-fluid systems, today announced the latest release of their sophisticated engineering software for modeling 3-dimensional chemical, thermal, and flow dynamics in gas-solid and liquid-solid systems.

Barracuda v14 Includes:

  • NEW Chemistry Module for modeling the homogenous & heterogeneous chemical reactions inside fluidized bed reactors.
  • Gas Release of an entrapped gas or liquid within a solid.
  • Liquid Injection Module that simulates liquid spray coating of particles such as fluidized-bed cokers.
  • Wear Model that allows wall wear to be reported on annualized basis.

Barracuda is used by major oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical, and power equipment manufacturers for simulating, understanding, and optimizing the operation of fluidized systems.  Common applications are FCC (fluidized catalytic cracking) reactors and regenerators, fluidized chemical reactors, and CFB (circulating fluidized bed) burners in coal-fired power plants, and both coal and biomass gasification reactors.

These critical gas-particle and liquid-particle systems are key elements in moving from a batch process to a more profitable continuous manufacturing process.  When added to the detailed fluid/particle flow and thermodynamics, the new full chemistry modeling in this latest Barracuda release completes the simulation package, providing an important enabling technology for designers and operators of this equipment.

Barracuda is capable of modeling this equipment at lab scale, pilot scale and full production scale, providing an essential tool to assist in scaling up new processes to full production size and throughput.  For the first time ever, engineers can “peer inside” full scale reactors under actual operating conditions and understand how complex particle flow behavior impacts chemistry.  Simulations in Barracuda allow engineers to capture and isolate key chemical, thermal, and momentum data unobtainable by any other means.  This means that engineers now have the tool to finally answer the question “What is really going on in my chemical reactor and how much product will it make?”

About CPFD Software:  CPFD Software LLC is an Albuquerque-based company specializing in solving particle-gas and particle-liquid problems for the power, oil & gas, petrochemical, and chemical industries.  Their Barracuda® software provides accurate simulations of lab-scale, pilot plant, and full-scale reacting bed flows with full thermodynamics and chemistry.  CPFD’s clients include Global 500 oil & gas refiners, chemical manufacturers, and research organizations worldwide.  CPFD Software is a member of PSRI.


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