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CPFD launches new website & logo

September 20, 2009

Albuquerque, NM – September 22, 2009 - CPFD-Software, the creators of the powerful Barracuda® Fluidization Software, are excited to announce the release of an elevated identity and redesigned website. In affiliation with Greenhouse Studio, CPFD has redesigned the website to have a more polished and clean feel.

Katrin Casey of Greenhouse Studio had this to say about the new and improved look to CPFD Software. “CPFD has a unique offering that truly differentiates itself in the fluid dynamic space, because it simulates particle flow.  We worked closely with them to create a look & feel that will help them own the particle fluid dynamics space and clearly communicate what they do, and even more so how they impressively do it. They are a well calculated and sophisticated technology that can save companies millions of dollars, and now they have a platform that is able to emulate who they are.”

Greenhouse Studio also helped CPFD redesign the logo to give a more clear indication of their work with particle fluidization. Owner Ken Williams feels the logo will better represent CPFD Software’s modern and cutting edge particle fluidization technology. “The new logo really represents our progressive and state of the art technology.  When people see it they can quickly associate CPFD with particles and as the learn more about our software understand that Barracuda® is the ONLY software that can accurately and precisely simulation particle fluidization.”

Although CPFD Software may have a new look, their high-level engineering credentials have stayed the same. They continue to take on and solve industry first particle fluidization problems in areas such as Chemical, Petrochemical and Power Generation for some of the World’s largest companies.

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