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CPFD releases updated Software

August 20, 2009

CPFD SOFTWARE, LLC releases updated Barracuda Engineering Software with New Chemistry Modeling Module

Albuquerque, NM – September 22, 2009 - CPFD-Software, the creators of the powerful Barracuda® Particle-Flow Software, are excited to announce the latest release of their sophisticated engineering software for modeling 3-dimensional chemical, thermal, and flow dynamics.

Innovative Advances Include:

  • New Chemistry Module for modeling the homogenous & heterogeneous chemical reactions inside fluidized bed reactors.
  • Liquid Injection Module that simulates liquid spray coating of particles such as fluidized bed cokers.
  • Greatly Expanded Material Property Library contains property data for materials used throughout the CPI.
  • Increased Flux Plane Options enhance data collection and allow for feedback control.
  • Improved Feeding Options offer greater flexibility and control for feeding solids.
  • Wear Model now allows wall wear to be reported on annualized basis.

About Barracuda
Barracuda is revolutionary software that accurately models the chemical, thermal, and flow dynamics for industrial liquid/gas/solid processes. Fortune 100® refining companies use Barracuda to model their FCC “Cat” crackers and regenerators. Polysilicon manufacturers profit from increased operational efficiency. Power generators utilize Barracuda to improve their fluidized bed boilers. Biomass companies benefit from reduced capital expenditures and time associated with scaling up their gasifiers.
Barracuda is advanced software that enables companies to visualize and understand industrial processes that they could not do otherwise. Most industrial, chemical processes occur in extremely challenging environments that make it impossible to directly test or monitor what exactly is occurring inside the reactor.  Now companies have the opportunity to:

  • Evaluate new designs without incurring the expense or time of multiple experiments.
  • Reduce the risk associated with scaling up.
  • Analyze existing operations to optimize performance and reduce downtime.
  • Put quantifiable, scientific data behind critical financial decisions.

The addition of the chemistry module makes an already powerful tool, invaluable. For the first time ever, chemical-processing companies can “peer inside” their full scale reactors under actual operating conditions and understand how complex particle flow behavior impacts chemistry.  Barracuda allows engineers to capture and isolate key chemical, thermal, and momentum data that cannot be recorded by any other means.  This means that engineers now have the tool to finally answer the question “What really is going on in my chemical reactor?”

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