Training Programs

Developing CPFD expertise

CPFD Software offers a range of training programs to allow your personnel to become adept at getting the most out of Barracuda modeling. Training is necessary for new users, but can be very beneficial to others in your organization that will work with the primary users and even clients who utilize the technology via engineering services. The reason our training has such broad appeal is that our training programs are different than you might expect:

  • Training is taught by experienced engineers who use the technology every day for real-world problems, not dedicated training staff
  • Significant time is allocated to allow trainees to work on their own, real-world project during the class
  • Class sizes are intentionally small, to maximize one-on-one personal interaction
  • Classes are structured so that those with considerable CFD experience and those with no modeling background can both benefit
  • The training interaction can continue beyond the completion of the class itself, through our QuickStart and Technology Transfer Programs
  • Classes are open to customers prior to licensing, so they can “try before they buy” 

Classes are offered regularly in our Albuquerque headquarters. Custom training, on-site training or training through one of our international distributors is also available.  

To view our class schedules, download the course agenda:

Download the User Training Registration form to register for one of our classes.

For more information on class offerings, pricing or a discussion of what training or QuickStart option is right for you, please contact us.