Technology Transfer Programs

Maximizing your efficiency, year after year

Your engineering staff are experts on your fluidized processes and units.  By integrating Barracuda VR into your engineering work-flow, you take full advantage of your own, proprietary, in-house know-how.  However, CFPD Software’s engineers are experts at running Barracuda VR, and are extremely efficient at setting up complex models and pushing the envelope of capabilities and automation of results, so you achieve maximum benefits with understand your unit and developing science-based solutions.

Our Technology Transfer Programs (TTPs) are designed to take advantage of your strengths and ours.  Some TTPs involve CPFD Software engineers setting up models, and your engineers running the models.   That way, you can focus on what matters to you, while we do the detailed, up-front work.  Others augment your software licensing with full-scope consulting services, where our staff fully run and analyze projects and transfer the models, results and know-how to your team for continued use.  At completion of a TTP you will be provide the fully setup model, all engineering results (output) and the automated post-processing scripts.  Thus, you may then use your license with this model to continue independently additional studies with Barracuda VR; for example variations to the process flows, particle size distributions and/or composition, or any other input controllable variable.  Regardless of the custom scope, this business model is extensible, and can be used to keep you on the cutting edge as the CPFD technology advances, year after year.

All Technology Transfer Programs are custom by nature, and can be structured on a case-by-case basis, or via annual retainer contracts.  For more information on TTPs, or for a discussion of how this might be structured for your organization, please Contact Us.