QuickStart Program

Getting the most from your investment, from day one

The Barracuda VR QuickStart Programs are designed to help new licensees be productive and efficient as soon as possible.  QuickStart can be thought of as custom training that continues beyond the completion of the class, but with a whole lot more.  Our QuickStart programs contain three components:

  • Formal Barracuda VR software training;
  • Collaboration with experienced engineering staff for your first project; and
  • An additional software license valid for the first year at no cost.

Two options are available for the collaborative project work included in the Barracuda VR QuickStart Program:

  • QuickStart Level 1.  We help you set up your first project.  Our engineering staff will create the full 3D CAD solid model and grid (mesh) it for you.
  • QuickStart Level 2.  We set up your first project for you.  With the Level 2 you get all the benefits of Level 1 plus our experienced engineering staff fully sets up your model for you.  This includes application of all boundary conditions, particle specification and even with implementing your chemistry into the project.  We maximize your efficiency by helping you as you analyze and understand your results by providing automated post-processing and movie-making scripts.

The Barracuda VR Quickstart program can be combined with a Technology Transfer Program for expanded scope of supply, including multiple cases or models and/or reporting on results.  

The Barracuda VR Quickstart program is available only to first-time purchasers.  Normal pricing for future software license renewals will apply after the first year.  Technology Transfer Programs are available for new as well as existing licensees.

For more information on the Barracuda VR QuickStart Program, or for a discussion of what QuickStart option is right for you, please contact us.